Introducing Horst and Gernot

Horst and Gernot were born in Graz, Austria where they still reside today in a suburb called Raaba. Born on April 16, 1970, Gernot was born three minutes earlier than his "little" brother Horst. In their earlier years they enjoyed tennis and football (soccer). They began to ride in 1983 and their interest took them to Scandinavia, Death Valley and the Pyrennees. In the last ten years they have conquered 30 4,000 meter peaks such as Mount Blanc in France, Dom, Monte Rosa as well as the highest Andean peaks and Kilimanjaro in Africa.

The twins are extreme bicyclists and mountain climbers whose goal is to bike and climb the highest peaks of every continent from sea level to summit nonstop in one attempt.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First Goal Achieved!

Horst and Gernot have a goal of doing nonstop bike ride/climbing of the highest peaks of seven continents. Their first goal, Kilimanjaro in Africa has been conquered!

They have returned home safely. From Gernot: "Horst and I are very, very thankful, satisfied and naturally overjoyed, that our first goal toward our ATOX7Summit Project has been achieved.

From sea level (Tanga on the Indian Ocean) we rode 366 kilometers to Marangu Gate and climbed from there over 4,000 meters on Kilimanjaro, the highest peak on the African continent. The whole journey was achieved in 42 hours and 30 minutes."

Congratulations Horst and Gernot!

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